Interviews With SpecialMoms

Lori DeMonia – SpecialMoms Parenting Magazine Interview

I met Lori a few years ago through social media and I am so impressed with all the wonderful things she is doing in the

Interview with Emily Vanek – SpecialMoms Parenting Magazine

Let me introduce you to a wonderful mom - Emily Vanek. Emily is a Mom, wife, concert goer, Disney lover, Chipotle eater, wine drinker… I had


Book: “Everyone Has A Dragon!”

Everyone Has A Dragon!  Everyone has challenges and hurdles in life. Whether it is asthma, allergies, or a fear they will not be accepted by their peers. Everyone has a dragon. As a pediatric occupational therapist for the past 17 years I have had the

Business Briefcase

5 Ways To Be A Better Blogger

Achieving Maximum Results From Blog Posting

Creating a blog to attract traffic to your website, products and services is a must in today's competitive internet marketing space. Blog postings are probably