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Interview with Emily Vanek – SpecialMoms Parenting Magazine

Let me introduce you to a wonderful mom – Emily Vanek. Emily is a Mom, wife, concert goer, Disney lover, Chipotle eater, wine drinker…

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Emily at the Type A Parent conference. We found out very quickly we are both mothers of some really wonderful special needs children.

Here is more about Emily..

Company or Blog Name:

What would you like our readers to know about your business/blog and why you started it?

ColoradoMoms started as a forum for moms to chat over 10 years ago and has evolved into an online resource for parents across the US. I got into it basically because I talk a lot and like to give advice to people, whether they want it or not. This gave me the outlet to speak my mind about a variety of topics and get advice and support from others as well. As my youngest was going through various medical issues and our Autism diagnosis, we had a strong community of parents there to help, offer advice and eventually I was able to share our own experiences and help others as well.

Does your business/blog help other parents or children? Please explain.

We provide reviews, recipes, events and advice for moms, from moms. All of it is first hand advice and accounts. If we are writing about a product or event, we’ve used it, been there. The advice is from our own experiences.

What advice can you offer to other mothers who are looking to start a business/blog but are nervous to jumping in?

“Just Do It” ~ Nike. Really. It’s scary at first, but if you find your “tribe” you can do just about anything! I have a few different groups of moms/parents/business people/concert attendees/etc that I am friends with and we all support each other and bounce ideas off each other and it really helps make starting a new venture seem less daunting.

What support do you receive to help you manage both family and work obligations?  Does your family help you with your business?

My kids will help with reviews or my husband will help with the kids while I attend events and conferences. They are my rock. To make sure I don’t get too into my work. They ground me.

Are there any resources (websites or books) that you would like to share with our readers that helped you in your journey to becoming a mompreneur, about “finding balance between work and family?”

The community has helped immensely. I don’t think there is one book or resource that stands out quite like that. The online community and conferences/events have introduced me to more like-minded business women than I could ever imagine.

Where do you see your business/blog 5 years from now?

I’m hoping to branch off and have mostly guest contributors and staff writers on the site so I can focus on live events and social media, my two passions!

If you can provide our readers one motivational quote that has stuck with you, what would that be?

“Let it go” ~ Elsa      Don’t hold on to grudges, don’t compare your family or business to others, just be you.

You find Emily online at:

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